Hoos for Haiti

Hoos for Haiti Volunteer Needs

In Uncategorized on January 22, 2010 at 7:32 pm
-An online moderator: person to handle website communications (email back to hoos4haiti@gmail.comif you are interested).
-Help making armbands to sell around Grounds: 12:30pm Sunday at 19 West Lawn (email “Kate Villars” <kate.villars@gmail.com>)
-Volunteers for Hoos 4 Haiti Publicity Committee (email “Anna Jacobs” <alj6d@virginia.edu>)
-Volunteers for Hoos 4 Haiti First-Year Committee (email  “Lansdale Henderson” <lansdale.henderson@gmail.com>).
Here are some events happening at U.Va. that need volunteers:
-Love 4 Haiti art and music benefit needs volunteers beginning at 10 PM tomorrow at Random Row bookstore for event coordination. Email “Meredyth Gilmore” <mmg6s@virginia.edu> if interested.
-The “C’Villian Relief” benefit at Fry’s Spring Beach Club needs volunteers tomorrow afternoon as well. Email “Kate Villars” <kate.villars@gmail.com> if interested.
  1. I hope this is for real! What I mean is that after the media goes away from Haiti, UVA Hoos will follow with the help that Haiti’s people need, at least a few years from now. Sustainable development should be offered as a subject so that UVA students can rotate in Haiti and create the opportunities for the haitians that are alive, developing an outreach project with an institution of UVA in Port-au-Prince. Also spring brake is coming soon, maybe the next flight you’ll book is to go to Haiti as a volunteer – their beach resorts are good too! The chances and changes will be huge, cause everyone of us can make a difference. How many surgeons does Haiti has? They need their MD’s accepted in US programs with the condition of going back and develop public practice in Haiti for 5 years after the program is done. How many haitians have been accepted in Surgery programs in the last 10 years? How many chances have the people of Haiti? I’ve seen face to face the reality that Haiti deals with everyday. Let’s not make a difference only today! Please.

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