Hoos for Haiti

ONE Campaign to cancel Haiti’s debt

In Uncategorized on January 26, 2010 at 2:35 am

The ONE at UVA Chapter is a new chapter of ONE, a grassroots advocacy organization founded by Bloomberg, Bono, Buffett, and Gates. We focus on advocacy in the fight against global poverty. The majority of our work involves calling congressmen, petitioning Congress and other large organizations, and working to spread the word about how individuals can make a difference in the fight against malaria, HIV/AIDS, hunger, poor water quality, and poverty worldwide.

Because our organization’s charter forbids soliciting monetary donations, we have decided to focus on ONE’s strength- advocacy through collaboration. Haiti is struggling to regroup and rebuild their country and should not have to worry about the $ 1+ billion they owe in international debt. We are asking the deans and professors of the Commerce school to sign onto a petition that we will be sending to the IMF, World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank and other countries that have not yet canceled Haiti’s international debt.

Our Co-Presidents will be traveling to the ONE Power 100 Summit, a national gathering of the top 100 universities in the ONE Campus Challenge, next weekend and we plan to propose this to all university chapter presidents- we would like to see this petition circulate nationwide.

We’ll also be including a call for large corporations and countries to provide aid to Haiti in the form of grants, rather than loans.  We need to make sure that relief to Haiti be in the form of grants so that Haiti can invest all of their resources into relief and recovery, rather than repaying IOUs.

We’d like this to circulate beyond the Commerce school as well- undergraduate students as well as any students in Darden, the Law School, or Med School are encouraged to contact me and request a copy of the petition to pass onto their professors and deans. We’ll be assembling all of the signatures and sending them onto the proper organizations.

For more information contact Svirnovskiy, Semen (sys4a)” <sys4a@virginia.edu> or Christina Haden <cvh2k@virginia.edu>.


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