Hoos for Haiti

February 15th-18th Haiti Awareness Week

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Organized with the Student Organization for Caribbean Awareness (SOCA) and Yele Foundation @ UVA. Contact yari@virginia.edu for more information or for event updates.

* Teach-in: Haiti’s Earthquake: Who’s to blame? Who’s responsible? (Feb 15 @ 6pm, Newcomb Hall 168)– This event will consist of a panel of UVA faculty responding to student questions about Haitian history and politics preceding the earthquake. We will discuss: the history of US involvement in Haiti and US responsibility to aid in the rebuilding progress, the role of Haitian elites (economic and political) in the creation of the “poorest nation in the hemisphere” and what role they could take in the re-building of Haiti, and the myth of a Haiti as a “cursed” country and the discourses of “devil pacts” and other supernatural forces as possible contributors to Haiti’s current state of affairs. Participants: Yarimar Bonilla, (Anthropology), Jalane Schmidt (Religuous Studies), George Mentore (Anthropology)

* Round table: Haitian Identity: combating stereotypes (Feb 16 @ 6pm, Newcomb Hall 168)– This event will consist of a panel of UVA students (graduate and undergraduate) who will address the complexity of Haitian identity and question representations of Haitians as a homogenous people. Students will address issues of race and class in Haiti, and the role of the Haitian Diaspora in the construction of the Haitan nation. Student participants: Z’etoile Imma, Ryan Jiha and others TBA.

* Film Screening: The Price of Sugar (Feb 17 @ 6pm, Monroe Hall 134) A screening of the movie The Price of Sugar will be followed by a debate about Dominican Haitian relations led by students Ryan Jiha and Alex Gil.

* “Taste and Hear Haiti” ( Thursday Feb 18 from 6-8pm, Student Activities Building)– Haitian culinary arts and music fair. We will also be making banners to raise around grounds.

* Benefit Concert (Friday Feb 19th @ 7pm, McLeod Auditorium)– UVA students and student groups will perform to benefit Stephanie Jean-Charles’s family.


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