Hoos for Haiti

Event Resources

This page contains resources for people planning events in coordination with Hoos for Haiti.

If you have a U.Va. event coming up, you can pledge the proceeds towards the University’s campaign by emailing hoos4haiti@gmail.com (regardless of whether they are donated directly to a NGO or through the University campaign).

Event Volunteers

If your organization or event is looking for event volunteers, email H4H campaign volunteer coordinator “Hillary Goldstein” <hdg5zg@virginia.edu> with a specific request and she will try to fill the need with campaign volunteers or connect you with service groups on grounds who could.


While sending in your pledge, also include a short description of your event (including name, time, date, location, group organizing, and description with contact information) so that we can post the event on the website and to the calendar, as well as include it with our weekly email of events sent to student leaders committed to helping out Haiti. You can also email “Anna Jacobs” <alj6d@virginia.edu> with requests for the H4H publicity campaign to help with event publicity including flyering.


Feel free to use these with any events raising money for the university fund for Haiti. Simply click on the thumbnail to see the image file. Thanks to David Hudson for the great design skills. In order of presentation they are: H4H campaign logo/facebook picture; H4H campaign banner; H4H flyers in black and white and in color, and H4H handbills in black and white and in color.

T-shirts and armbands

Hoos for Haiti campaign t-shirts and armbands can be sold at your event as an extra source of revenue. 100% of the proceed will go to the fund.  A picture of the armbands is below. To arrange for armbands at your event, email “Kate Villars” <kate.villars@gmail.com>.  T-shirts are on their way, and should arrive in the UVa bookstore by January 29. Email “Frederika Braun” <fb9u@virginia.edu> to arrange to sell t-shirts at your event or through your organization.


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