Hoos for Haiti


The Haiti Working Group brings together UVA faculty, students, programs, and associations interested in generating a critical dialogue about Haitian history, politics, and culture in order to contribute to the rebuilding of Haiti for the Haitian people. Visit http://uvahwg.wordpress.com/ to learn more or email yari (at) virginia.edu

Faculty Members:

Yarimar Bonilla, Anthropology (Coordinator)
Stephanie Bérard, French
Robert Fattton, Politics
Jalane Schmidt, Religious Studies
Wende Marshall, Anthropology
George Mentore, Anthropology
Claudrena Harold, History
Maurice Apprey, Psychology
Kandioura Dramé, French
Jennifer Rubenstein, Politics
Katherine Lawrie Balfour, Politics
Hector Amaya, Media Studies
Jerome Handler, Virgina Foundation for the Humanities
Rebecca Dillingham, MD/MPH, Center for Global Health
Kathleen Weston, Anthropology & Studies in Women and Gender
Susan Fraiman, English
Mrinalini Chakravorty, English
Michelle Kisliuk, Music

Graduate Students:
The Magnitude Collective:
Z’etoile Imma, English
Sonya Donaldson, English
Alex Gil, English
Jason Saunders, English
Todne Thomas, Anthropology
Tim Lovelace, Law

Undergraduate Organizations:
Student Organization for Caribbean Awareness (SOCA)
Virginia Anthropology Society (VAS)
Yele Haiti Foundation @ UVA
Amnesty International @ UVA
Hoos for Haiti

Partner Programs and Institutions:
Carter G. Woodson Institute for African-American and African Studies
South Atlantic Humanities Project


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